Story of Czechoslovak Legions us somewhat concealed. We know that existed, but that’s mostly everything. But when I dug among his ancestors, we find that many of us among them also legionnaires. It is not exciting for them to know more?

Film Legion arises under the inspiration of contemporary newspapers that wrote real legionnaires. Thus they wrote history twice – once to joining the legions and the second paper! The film their story shifts contemporary viewer. It will be a historical war film taking place thousands of kilometers to the east, in Siberia, Czech bunch of guys that blew here maelstrom of war.

Legie will transport the viewers to a hundred year old story. With a band of soldiers they will join the russian volunteer army on the east front, which will contribute to the creation of the independent state of Czechs and Slovaks and they will also be among the first ones to discover what Bolshevism really is.

The movie Legie is mainly meant to highlight the often neglected historical episode from the period of the First World War. We will gain insight into the history of czechoslovak forces on the russian front and later in the middle of civil war.

Under the influence of propaganda Czechs got used to perceiving themselves as Švejks, good-for-nothings dragged through the history. The story of the russian legions shows something completely different – the volunteer army was disciplined, loyal to the ideals of democracy and very successful and effective in a military sense. In the climax of the story it is the only force that opposes the overwhelming advantage of the bolshevik army. Legie is trying not to show the world as black and white.

Legie is also a simple, very human story of a few soldiers who are coping with their personal dreams, desires, pains ans conflicts.

For the viewer of today it will surprising to find out how much he shares with his ancestors as well as what the legionaries can inspire him in.

The viewer, together with the heroes of the movie, will contemplate basic values such as freedom, responsibility, friendship, loyalty and respect for life.

The script of Legie is heavily inspired by authentic hundred-year-old diaries of real legionaries. The scriptwriter and director was drawn to this topic trough family history – one of his ancestors was general Syrový.

Legie will be a military historical drama. Atmospheric, emotional, with a distinct style – heavily desaturated, basically mono chromatic image with the feel of old celluloids. The dialogs will be kept to a minimum and the story will be told trough images with significant situations accompanied by powerful music and imaginative, dynamic sound design.


We are currently in the phase of development. We have script based on authentic diaries of soldiers who were a part of the legion in years 1914-1920. We have assembled a number of materials relevant to the theme, including unpublished diaries, photos nad authentic film records.

We are looking for producers, investors, sponsors, enthusiasts who would like to work on the film with us. We will be grateful for any help.


Videos on this site are not filmed for the movie. We shot it during LARP Siberian tale, organized by the association Rolling.

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